June 11 2010 5052 N. Troy Chicago, IL 6-11pm
This is a showcase of my latest and greatest work, including never before seen pieces. Most of the art displayed on this page will also be there for sale. There will be a silent auction for work that doesn't sell. Everyone is invited. Free booze. TIME IS MONEY ART
Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” At the end of this destructive era of waste and corruption it is time to shift the dominant materialist paradigm of “time is money” to that of “time is art.” The latter is a philosophy that Nature is intrinsically beautiful and that all endeavors should ultimately result in the beautification of the world we live in. Every moment holds and opportunity to create a beautiful experience. I have made it my hobby to symbolically illustrate this concept... Turning trash into treasure and time into art, I have made sculptures from decaying urban artifacts and ‘paintings’ out of live plants. Enter vibrantly cacophonic yet harmonic and playful mishmashes of contemporary culture re-appropriated, re-contextualized and immortalized in the form of artwork for the infinite appreciation of the intricate and tantalizing graphics that grace our garbage, in a post-consumer setting.